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Google-Fu Tips

As you move forward in your career, you will have questions, and there may not always be a more experienced person on hand to help you with the answers. This is why you need some Google-fu in your life.

Google-fu is skill in using Google (and other search engines) to quickly find useful information on the Internet. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when googling:

  • Simple is better than complex. Searches should be simple and broad enough to bring you the anticipated results, e.g., “JavaScript remove key from object."
  • Focus on key words. A search may not always give you the specific answer you're looking for, but it just might point you to a keyword that will help you get there. In other words, clicking through multiple pages of a search isn't necessarily a waste of time. Pay attention to recurring terms or phrases that can point you in the right direction. These are little gems that will lead you to the mine.

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